Common Cutting Mistakes

6 Common Cutting Mistakes Made by Cutter Owners

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Cutter Owners are always faced with some form of a dilemma when it comes to cutting. Naturally, there are various reasons behind it. Cutting, like any other practical work, is something that cutter owners need to take seriously. Otherwise, there will be wasted material, destabilized cut, and can even ruin the whole project!

What’s the good part? And yes, there is a good part regarding these mistakes. That is – they are often same or similar. Simply by avoiding them, you can avoid all that comes later.

So please allow me to guide you through the most common cutting mistakes that cutter owners often make:

The First Mistake – Ignoring test cuts:

Materials are costly, not to mention often scarcely available, at least the good quality ones are. Often to save time, cutter owners refrain from making one or more small cuts as a test. However, this practice will come in handy as by doing so, you can get a complete idea regarding various aspects of the material. The design, sharpness of the blade, intricacy of the material, the dye used, etc will become evident to you.

Trust me, by making a test cut you would be doing yourself a big favor. You will then understand how much pressure to put on your tools and how to handle the material. As a result, wasting material will not even be in the picture!

The second mistake – Not being able to identify the correct factor for a cutting problem:

While cutting, you may end up with a plethora of issues. But recognizing the right factor responsible for the problem is the first step in solving it. If nothing gets cut, then the force might be too low, or the material is not exposed to the blade correctly. If there is tearing, then there might be an over-exposure to the blade. In identifying the correct factor, cutter owner often makes a fatal mistake. To get prefect cut you can use die cutting machine. in the online you can get many buying guide about this machine. i was read this die cut machine buying guide and i think it will helpful for you.

The third mistake – Not stabilizing the material for cutting:

You need to stabilize the material by giving some backing to it. This “stabilizer” should be sturdy as it needs to be immune to the blade. The stabilizer is very important. Because: it prevents cut pieces from falling away from the material. Products like paper need to be stabilized, and sticky mar it often used for that purpose.

Here is the deal – If the cutting material is not properly stabilized, then there will spots that do not cut cleanly. Not checking the thickness or adhesiveness of the mat regularly, and especially before using them is a mistake that cutter owners make very often.

The Fourth Mistake – Wrongfully Placing the blade on the blade holder:

More blade does not and has never ensured better cutting. It also does not solve cutting issues. The thickness of the material dictates the amount of blade showing. With exposing the excessive amount of blade, you are unnecessarily cutting the mat, and also causing your edge to become dull. You are most likely to end up with tearing, incomplete cuts and crumpled corners.


Because when the tip of your blade extends into the mat, it causes instability by pulling the material away from it, thus creating a tear.


The Sixth, final, most common mistake – Not using the blade offset properly.

In case of cutting a rounded corner, hanging chad or bubbled corners, using the blade offset correctly is of paramount importance. So getting to know the settings is the first thing that you should do. In case of Cutters with a handful of blades, the setting is in-built. But if it is present in your software, then you must understand it. Not understanding it correctly can ruin your cutting.

Here you have it – six of the most common mistakes that a cutter owner makes is right in front of you. Hopefully, this guide will help you in refraining from making them.

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